Pancake with tomatoes, feta cheese and pesto sauce 7.5€
Pancake with pepperoni sausage,mozzarella and tomato sauce 8€
Pancake with beef, pickles and cream cheese 8.5€
Pancake with smoked salmon and cheese sauce 9€
Pancake with button mushrooms and blue cheese 8€
Pancake with ground meat and cheese 8€
Pancake with shrimp filling 7.5€
Pancake with tuna filling 7.5€
Pancake with bacon and smoked cheese 8€
Pancake with cold smoked salmon and smoked cheese 8.5€
Pancake with salami,pickles and cheese 8€
Pancake with ham and cheese sauce 7.5€
Pancake with cheese & garlic filling 7€
Pancake with chicken fillet and cream cheese 8€
Pancake with smoked chicken and feta cheese 7.5€
Pancake with herring filling 7€
Pancake with smoked ham and Brie cheese 8€

Sweet pancakes

Pancake with cherries and coconut cream 7.5€
Pancake with halva, cherries and quark cream 7.5€
Pancake with caramelized appels and apple sorbet 7.5€
Pancake with blueberry jam and whipped cream 7.5€
Pancake with honey and banana 7€
Pancake with citrus cream and orange 7.5€
Pancake with raspberries and sweet condensed milk 7.5€
Pancake with strawberry jam and ice cream 7.5€
Pancake with quark cream, strawberries and whipped cream 7.5€
Pancake with hazelnut cream and ice cream 7.5€
Pancake with maple syrup 7.5€
Pancake with fig jam and brie cheese 7.5€

Snaks, Soups and Salads


Button mushroom soup 5€
Sauerkraut soup with meat 5€
Solyanka meat soup 5€
Shrimp soup 5€


Fried cheese balls 5.5€
Garlic Bread 4.2€
Fried potato wedges with chives sauce 4.2€
Omelet with ham and cheese 5€
Nuts 1.5€


Salad with chicken fillet or shrimp 6.5€
Ham and cheese salad 6.5€
Chanterelle salad 6.5€
Salad with herring 6.5€

Soft drinks

Cold Drinks

Juice 0.25L 0.5L 2€ 3€
Pepsi 0.2L 2.3€
Mirinda 0.2L 2.3€
7 UP 0.2L 2.3€
Ice tea 0.5L 2.8€
Rhubarb lemonade 0.33L 2.8
Red Bull 0.2L 3€
Tonic water 0.2L 2.5€
Bread kvass 0.4L 2.8€
Water still/sparkling 0.33L pdl 1.8€
Milk 0.25L 1€

Hot Drinks

Espresso 2.2€
Coffee 2.5€
Tea 2.5€
Cappuccino 3.5€
Caffe Latte 3.5€
Cocoa 3.5€



A le Coq Premium 0.5L/0.3L 4.5€/3.3€
Corona 0.33L pdl 4€
Must Nunn 0.5L/0.33L 4.5€/3.3€
Warsteiner 0% 0.33L pdl 3.3€
Guinness 0.5L/0.3L 5.2€/3.5€
Leffe Blonde 0.5L/0.3L 5.2€/3.5€
König Weissbier 0.5L/0.3L 5.2€/3.5€
Blond Munk 0.5L pdl 4.5€
Tõmmu Hiid 0.5L pdl 4.5€
Imperial Stout 0.4L pdl 4.5€

Craft beers

Koch Pale Ale 0.33L pdl 4€
Koch Porter 0.33L pdl 4€
Koch IPA 0.33L pdl 4€
Koch Meeõlu 0.33L pdl 4€


Hoggy`s pirn 0.5L/0.3L 4.5€/3.3€
Rekorderlig 0.5L pdl 4.5€
Westons 0.5L pdl 5.2€
Galipette 0.33L pdl 4€


Jack Daniels 4cl 3.5€
Ballantine's 4cl 3.5€
Jameson 4cl 3.5€
Ardberg 10YO single malt 4cl 4.5€


Castillo de Molina,
Cabernet Sauvignon
16cl/75cl 4.5/20€
Heritage Cotes du Rhone 16cl/75cl 4.5/20€
Castillo de Molina,
Sauvignon Blanc
16cl/75cl 4.5/20€
Ca Bianca Gavi DOCG 16cl/75cl 4.5/20€
Ca'Bolani Prosecco DOC 20cl/75cl 5/20€
Sovetskoje 0.75cl 12€


Pampero 4cl 3.5€
Captain Morgan 4cl 3.5€


Absolut vodka 40% 4cl 3.2€
Saaremaa 40% 4cl 3.2€


Martini Bianco 8cl 3.5€


Calvados 4cl 3.8€
Martell V.S. 4cl 3.8€


Tequila 4cl 3.5€
Crafters Gin 4cl 3.5€
Junimperium Blended Dry Gin 4cl 3.5€
Tanqueray 4cl 3.5€
Iiri kohv 6.00€


Vana Tallinn 4cl 3.5€
Jägermeister 4cl 3.5€
Baileys 4cl 3.5€
Cointreau 4cl 3.5€